Yevigndor was created some eons ago, they say, when gods walked upon its land. Others say that the gods were just the first residents and that Yevigndor was already there. Still others claim stories of ‘twin realms’ or ‘mirror planes’.

Whatever you believe, all agree that Yevigndor has a long history. Too long to repeat here, for I know you are busy and have things to do. There is a shorter version though….

The gods created the first beings for whatever reason that gods do things. Whim. Boredom. Amusement. No one can say for sure. Those beings soon multiplied and before anyone knew what happened, the land was rife with peoples with needs and differences. The gods left them to their own doings and before long, tribes were squabbling and soon became communities at war.

Among the elves were some of the first beings to realize that endless wars would only end in self assured, mutual destruction. They tried to mediate peace among all the other communities. Under their tutalage, the communities and tribes developed into nations, but soon became too large and varied for peace and far too few were the peacekeepers, and war enveloped the known world yet again.

Before long, the gods themselves grew weary of the constant feuding of their creations and came down from the heavens to lead their peoples to more peaceful relations. They organized the beings into races, set them all apart and brought forth nine beings of light to rule in their stead, until the races could take care of themselves or until the gods said otherwise. The gods then returned to the heavens. These beings were said to be 10 feet tall and winged and kept peace for nearly four millennia, themselves being deathless. Eventually the gods returned and decreed that the races could now lead themselves and put their servants to sleep, leaving again for the heavens. A city, holy to all, was built at the site where the beings of light slept. Nechemspheri became a hub of trade and commerce in time.

Time passed, as it does, and generations were born and died. Nechemspheri became a ghost town and eventually, lost to history. The influence of the gods were felt less and less with time and eventually war broke out amongst the races yet again. Two centuries passed with no cessation of the wars. One human, Ralimon, claiming he received a vision from his god, assembled a party, and quested to find Nechemspheri and awaken the beings of light. Ralimon was never seen again, but his quest was successful, as the Beings returned. They once again lead the peoples of Yevigndor to peace and established new laws and religions. Order was once again restored, and after a time, those great beings once again returned to sleep, under their own power as their creators were not to be found.

A new calendar was established to reflect the new age of mortal kind. For the last 1200 years, the denizens of Yevigndor have existed in relative peace and harmony.

Adventures in Yevigndor

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